Ready to Put Your CPAP Away? Nightlase May Be the Answer

Aug 02, 2023
Ready to Put Your CPAP Away? Nightlase May Be the Answe
Nightlase®, an innovative laser treatment, could be the key to being able to ditch your CPAP machine. Enjoy a more restful sleep without an uncomfortable mask or noisy machine.

If you’re like millions of sleep apnea sufferers, you sleep with a noisy CPAP machine. The continuous positive airway pressure (CPAP) works to help you breathe normally through the night, yet you might find it bulky and uncomfortable. 

If so, new laser treatment may be the answer you’ve been seeking. Part of the Fontana laser therapy family, NightLase® is a noninvasive procedure that only takes a few minutes to tighten loose tissues at the back of your throat so you can breathe easily while you sleep. 

At Brilliant Beauty in San Pedro, California, our expert team offers multiple options for enhancing your well-being, including NightLase® for a more restful sleep. 

How does the CPAP machine work? 

A CPAP machine filters room air through a tube into your mask. This continuous airflow helps you breathe normally while you sleep instead of snoring like a runaway train engine. When you drift into sleep, and your throat muscles relax so much they block your airways, you might sputter and gasp in your sleep because of a lack of oxygen. 

Not only is it important to maintain a smooth oxygen supply for your sleep quality, but it’s also important for your cardiovascular health. A healthy heart needs a consistent oxygen flow. 

What is NightLase®? 

This noninvasive laser treatment treats snoring and sleep apnea. If your sleep is interrupted by starting and stopping your breath, loud snoring, or other symptoms of sleep apnea, NightLase can help.

This laser treatment heats the tissues at the back of your mouth and tightens them. This prevents them from relaxing so much they block your airways and interrupt your airflow. After your treatments, you can breathe easier with less snoring. 

This simple, in-office procedure only takes a few minutes. 

What can you expect from NightLase?

We use Fontana’s dual-wavelength laser options for your treatment. First, we’ll evaluate your condition and medical history to assess if you’re a good candidate for this procedure. 

When it’s time for your procedure, we’ll help you get comfortable and ask you to open your mouth, so we can beam the laser at the back of your throat. You’ll feel a warm sensation, but it isn’t unpleasant.

Though everyone is different, most people require three NightLase treatments. These tighten your throat tissues enough to make sleeping without a CPAP machine possible and restful. These treatments typically last a year, and then you can repeat them, if needed. 

Our knowledgeable team at Brilliant Beauty in San Pedro, California, will evaluate your health and medical history and recommend lifestyle changes or a procedure like NightLase. You can schedule your consultation online by clicking here.