Get Fuller Lips With Fotona LipLase™

Feb 17, 2023
Get Fuller Lips With Fotona LipLase™
If you’ve been looking for a way to add volume to your lips, a laser lip treatment by Fotona can give you the fuller lips you want. Read on to learn more about LipLase™, a popular noninvasive cosmetic treatment.

Have your lips started to thin as you get older? Or maybe your lips just haven’t been as full as you’d like for quite some time now. Laser therapy designed to plump up your lips can give you that self-confidence boost and could be just the treatment you’re looking for.

Laser therapy is a nonsurgical cosmetic treatment in which focused beams of energy heat the skin tissues and stimulate new collagen production. Our team at Brilliant Beauty in San Pedro, California, uses LipLase™ by Fotona to safely and effectively give you the fuller lips you want with minimal downtime and no injections.

About LipLase

Collagen is what gives your skin plumpness and elasticity, and LipLase uses what’s called a Er:YAG laser that stimulates new collagen synthesis. We can use LipLase to add fullness and volume to your lips and to correct the balance between upper and lower lip sizes. 

LipLase has another mode if more intense treatment is needed — its Nd:YAG laser can reach deeper skin tissue with minimal heat damage.

What to expect from a LipLase treatment

You don’t need to do any preparation before receiving this treatment other than letting our team know if you’re prone to cold sores because laser therapy can trigger a breakout. 

Our team at Brilliant Beauty discusses your goals and maps out your lips for precise laser placement. To keep you comfortable, we apply a topical anesthetic to numb the treatment area before applying the laser. 

The treatment itself takes about 30-45 minutes. Afterward, you’ll likely have minor symptoms such as swelling, itching, stinging and redness, but these side effects should subside after about 72 hours. In some patients, redness can linger for up to 3 months. You may also notice some dryness and peeling about 5-7 days after the laser therapy.

Until your skin is fully healed, avoid wearing any kind of makeup to cover up the redness. Also make sure to apply moisturizer to the treatment area regularly in order to maximize efficient healing. 

Results from your LipLase treatment can last for several years

Next steps

Do you feel as though your smile is a bit flat? Fotona LipLase can give you beautifully fuller lips. If you’ve been wanting to revitalize your appearance and boost your self-confidence, you can count on laser therapy to provide remarkable results.

To learn more about Fotona LipLase and how it can help you get fuller lips, call the Brilliant Beauty office at 310-906-6443 or use our online scheduler to request an appointment with us today.